Mr. Mulch has soil!


Organic gardening and organic fertilizer improves the soil and allows for better absorption of water and water holding capacity. Soils that have organic matter provide beneficial nutrients to plants. It is important to improve soils prior to seeding or sodding. Mr. Mulch carries a variety of soils and soil mixes. Topsoil and fill dirt with no amendments are sold by the ton, weighing in at approximately 1.25 tons per cubic yard. Soil mixes and compost materials are sold by the cubic yard.

Normally the top 6″ to 12″ growing medium of the earth. Topsoil provides a good growing media for plants. It usually needs fortification with compost or peat moss, which provides both fertilization and water retention.

Premium Soil Mix is 70-75% topsoil containing 25-30% compost/ organic material. This soil mix is excellent for top dressing over existing grass. For Spring and Fall use.

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