Stone, Gravel & Decorative Stone

The Benefits of Stone

  • Decorative stone, accents, grass, trees, walls, etc.
  • Low maintenance after installation
  • Economic (especially when used in problem soil areas)
  • Multiple use (areas covered with decorative rock may be driven on or parked on
  • No water use, perfect for arid climate, or water restricted areas

There are many sizes and colors of rock to choose from for walkways, borders, and driveways. To customize your landscape, see our display areas to find the product best suited for you.

A brief explanation of stone types:

1 1/2″ or 3/4″ Minus (Road Base)

An inexpensive and popular driveway gravel. This is the same material that is used on gravel roads and alley ways. Road base is made of 1 1/2″ or 3/4″ rock plus clay and fines. The rock provides a stable mud free surface and the fines and clay provide a packed base. The 3/4″ road base is the size normally stocked at our retail yards. This material packs hard and is good for driveways, parking areas, or as a base under concrete or asphalt. Road base resists washout the best of any driveway materials and works well for driveways on slopes.
3/8″ OR 1/4″ minus (BREEZE)

Breeze or crusher fines are terms used to describe this product (the small rock, fines, and dust produced as a byproduct of crushing rock) The common uses are walkways, driveways, and as a grout between flagstone and rip rap. Breeze packs hard and resists washing. In the stockpile, breeze appears to be “mostly dust or fines” but after being spread, packed and wet down the rock particles work to the surface.

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