If you need to fill the bunker at your golf course or make a sandbox for the kids, Mr. Mulch has sand that will fill almost any need.


SQUEEGEE: This is a 3/8″ minus sand that is good for ice control, select back-fill situations, and as a drainage material.

CONCRETE SAND/ STUCCO SAND: It is a course washed sand designed for light concrete and stucco applications. This can be used as a less expensive playbox sand or for the base material under pavers and flagstone.

ICE CONTROL SAND (SQUEEGEE WITH SALT): 3/8″ minus sand mixed with between 6% and 10% salt. The salt speeds up the melting of ice and prevents the sand from freezing solid before it can be spread out. This is only in stock from late October to February. Note: Not recommended for residential driveways.

MASON SAND (PLAYBOX, PLASTER): A fine-grained sand (sometimes called sugar sand) similar to a beach sand. Great for the kid’s playbox or volleyball courts. Mason sand is primarily used for mortar to lay bricks.

FILL SAND: This is a course, clean sand that is not washed. Note: approximately 1/2″ minus

GOLD COURSE SANDS: Mr. Mulch sells products that are exclusively for golf courses, such as trap sand, greens mix sand, top dressing sand, etc. These are not stocked in retail yards. Please call for prices and delivery.

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